Parti Cut Lloi are a group of lads from the Banw Valley in Montgomeryshire. The party was formed especially to compete in the National Eisteddfod in Meifod 2003. They achieved exceptional success in the festival when they won the first prize in the Folk Party competition. Following this came many requests to hold concerts all over Wales. They have appeared on programmes such as 'Noson Lawen', 'Cefn Gwlad' and on the radio.

One of the obvious characteristics of the party is the enthusiasm and enjoyment they gain by singing and the great variety of entertainment provided by them. Hopefully you will enjoy listening to the new CD of folk singing and the old Plygain Carols that are characteristic of this part of Montgomeryshire.

Without doubt the person who is crucial to the success of Parti Cut Lloi is its talented conductress Sian James. We know of her talent and fame as a singer but we are thankful that she has stayed in her local area to share her wide and varied experience to inspire the lads to sing so heartily and energetically. She deserves a medal for keeping these in order!

Yn ôl i'r Gymraeg.